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"Perky... Fairy" Pill Box-Item 55676-2
Base Price for One: $16.00
"Fashion Fairy" Pill Box- Item 55676-8
Base Price for One: $16.00
"Shoe Fairy" Pill Box- Item 55676-7
Base Price for One: $16.00



Decorative Pill Box Information:


A novelty or decorative pill box can lift the spirits, providing beauty or humor every time the pill box is used. For this reason these pill box products make great gifts.

We have novelty, uplifting and decorative pill box items to suit every taste or sense of humor. In addition to their beauty and humor, all are functional and useful.

When given as a gift, a decorative pill box often becomes a prized possession, reminding the user of the thoughtfulness of the giver every time it is used.