Medical Alert Jewelry.

Medical Alert Jewelry

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Medical Alert Jewelry:

When a first responder or emergency health professional, (commonly called a “medic”), arrives on scene to render medical assistance, he or she needs to know if the person needing medical attention has any health issue that will affect the treatment the medic will administer.

These special medical conditions that may affect the treatment a person receives are often called medical alert conditions, which is often shortened to "medic alert". A common alert is the drug coumadin.

All professional and volunteer medics are trained to look for jewelry that is worn to make the medic alert to any special conditions the wearer may have.

The jewelry will make the medic alert to the condition, and will then he or she can treat the patient accordingly.

There is jewelry designed to make the responding medic alert to a wide variety of conditions, such as diabetes, heart conditions, artificial implants, or is taking a drug such as coumadin.

Different states have different guidelines that are taught to medical personnel as far as where they are to look on a person’s body for jewelry that warns of a medical alert condition. Bracelets and necklaces are the most commonly used places that are used, although the medic may be taught to look in a number of other locations, such as key chains or wallets.

One should check with local guidelines as to where the area’s medics are taught to look for jewelry that describes a medical alert condition, although necklaces and bracelets are almost universal.