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Add-On Timer - Single Pack #A001 or 4 Pack #A001B

Add-On Timer

Easy to use - no programing needed! Just attach timer to your medicine container cap - press timer down for 3 seconds to initially start the timer and then it will automatically reset itself after each time you close your container. The timer shows you how much time since your last dose.

  • No redistribution of medication from the original container, as dispensed from the pharmacy or manufacturer, is necessary.
  • Add-On Timer can be used on the original container lid
  • Compatible with all types of child safety and non-child safety closures.
  • Can be used on both solid and liquid containers of all prescription and OTC medications.
  • Reliable, easy to use, and does not require programming or set-up, other than the initial attachment to an existing container lid.

Once attached, the twisting or downward movement of closing the medicine container lid acts as the start button on a stopwatch. Not sure if you took your medicine? A quick look at the digital readout tells you the elapsed hours and minutes since your medicine lid was closed. No more missing a dose or taking an extra dose because you don't remember if you took your last dose.

Your Choice of Single Pack or 4 Pack!



Base Price for One: $4.99

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Product Data

  • A001-A001B
  • A001-A001B

Add-On Timer gives you peace of mind when it comes to knowing if you've taken your medicine!