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AM/PM 31-Day Monthly Pill Organizer Pods with Tray and Bonus Medical Alert Card - Item 995-2X Blue & Grey

Blue & Grey AM/PM 31-Day Monthly Pill Pods in Organizer Tray
with Bonus Medical Alert Card

Do you take your morning medications in one location and your evening medications in a different location?

Keep separate trays for your morning and evening medications. The AM tray has Blue Pods and the PM tray has Grey Pods. Now when you take the pod out of the tray you easily know if it is AM or PM medications!

The pods are numbered to correspond to the days of the month on which you need to take your medication. The pods can be kept in the tray or you can pop them out for work or travel.

  • Ideal for vitamins and medications!
  • Perfect for work or travel

To remove a pod, simply press up from underneath the tray. Snap back into the empty slot to replace it.

Size: Each Tray:  11”L  x  4”W  x  3/4”H  
Individual Pods:  1”L  x 5/8”W  x 1”H


  • Strong stainless steel blade so it easily and cleanly cuts medication doses in half.
  • Great for those who have difficulty swallowing larger pills.
  • Pill slicer collects split medications in a built-in tray.
  • Accommodates large medications and supplement pills up to 1 inch wide.
  • Built in pill tray can be used as a pill case.
Base Price for One: $19.99
  • (Amount added per item to base price$2.99)

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Product Data

  • 995-2X Blue & Grey
  • 995-2X Blue & Grey
Different color AM & PM daily compartment pops out for use at home and on-the-go!