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AM/PM Clear Stackable 7-Day Pill Organizers with Labels - Medium

AM/PM Clear Stackable 7-Day Pill Organizers with Weekday Labels
Plus BONUS - Medical Alert Card Included!

Keep your morning and evening pills ready to go for the week. This set of AM PM clear stackable containers come with a set of weekday labels to keep you on track. And an extra lid so you can take a day with you. Having your morning and evening pills in separate containers also allows you to store each in a different location. So if you take your AM pills with breakfast and your evening pills when you are getting ready for bed - store the AM in the kitchen and the PM in the bathroom.

Medium:  Overall height when stacked is 6 7/8" tall with diameter of 2" The interior of each compartment is approximately 1 3/4" in diameter, 7/8" deep.
  • Pill organizers with one compartment for each day of the week.
  • Each segment is threaded to accept either a lid or the bottom of another segment.
  • Two lids included allow for one compartment to be carried in a pocket or purse, while the remaining assembly stays  closed.
  • 2 sets of labels included - preprinted with the days of the week.
  • BONUS Medical Alert Card Included - Keep all your important medical information on you in case of emergency. This wallet size card is 2" x 3.5" with space for your: Medical Conditions; Allergies; Medications; Blood Type; Contact Lense Wearer; Pregnant. The back side is for your Contact & Personal Information including Doctor, Hospital and Insurance information.

Also available in Large - Click Here to View.


  • Strong stainless steel blade so it easily and cleanly cuts medication doses in half.
  • Great for those who have difficulty swallowing larger pills.
  • Pill slicer collects split medications in a built-in tray.
  • Accommodates large medications and supplement pills up to 1 inch wide.
  • Built in pill tray can be used as a pill case.


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  • 369-AM/PM
AM/PM Clear Stackable 7-Day Pill Organizers with Labels & Bonus Medical Alert Card