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Deluxe Pill Cutter Splitter with Built in Pill Case

The Deluxe Pill Cutter Splitter with Built in Pill Case uses a strong stainless steel blade so it easily and cleanly cuts medication doses in half.

  • Great for those who have difficulty swallowing larger pills.
  • Pill slicer collects split medications in a built-in tray.
  • Accommodates large medications and supplement pills up to 1 inch wide.
  • Built in pill tray can be used as a pill case - when lid is closed your pills are held securely inside. Keep your day’s medications with you in the built in tray/case, when it’s time to take your medications use the cutter to split any pills that need to be cut in half.

Check with your doctor to see if you can
Save Money Splitting your Medications with the Half Tablet Program

Ask your doctor if a new prescription for your medication at twice your current strength and half the quantity, with directions to take one half of a pill would work for you. The half tablet program does not work with all prescriptions and savings depends on the prescription plan you have - check with your pharmacy to see if your new prescription will cost less before having a new prescription written.

Instructions to Use:

  1. Open pill cutter (use finger grips for easy of opening) and place open pill cutter on firm surface.
  2. Pace pill in the point of the pill cutting area V and lower lid until cutter blade touches pill surface.
  3. Check pill positioning from above confirming half of pill is on either side of the cutting blade - if necessary make any needed adjustments.
  4. Press down lightly on lid to split pill in half.
Base Price for One: $5.99

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  • 336

Strong stainless steel blade easily and cleanly cuts medication doses in half.