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Jumbo Weekly 11" Pill Supplement Organizer - Item H799

Jumbo Weekly 11" Pill Supplement Organizer - Extra Large Capacity will Hold 7 Days Worth of Vitamins and Medications - Great Size for Gummy & Chewable Vitamins
Base Price for One: $13.99


This Jumbo Medication Organizer can handle even the largest in size and amount of pills. It’s also perfect for anyone who take chewable or gummy vitamins and supplements.

  • EXTRA LARGE CAPACITY The Jumbo Pill Box measures 11” Long x 2.125” Wide x 1.2” Tall! Each of the 7 individual compartments have inside dimensions of 1.44” x 2” x 1” Deep! For size comparison we were able to fit 42 quarters (2 stacks of 21 standing on edge) in the individual compartment and still have plenty of room to spare!
  • GREAT FOR CHEWABLE VITAMINS AND SUPPLEMENTS There are so many chewable versions of vitamins and supplements in tablets, gummies and even caramel type of chewable. These are great for those who have trouble swallowing pills but can make it hard to find a supplement organizer that can hold those larger sizes. This Jumbo Pill Organizer can easily handle all of those larger size supplements.
  • SECURE CLOSURE The Extra Large Supplement Box features snap tight lids. The lids are easy to open but they are secure when closed, when you close or open the lids you can hear and feel the snap of the closure.
  • CLEARLY LABELED with LARGE PRINT Each of the 7 Daily compartment lids are labeled in 3 ways. 1. Each lid has the full day of the week printed in all caps (i.e. SUNDAY, MONDAY,...) 2. Beneath the fully printed day of the week is the first letter of the day of the week printed at 1" Tall! 3. On the bottom right corner of each lid it has braille markings for those with vision impairments.

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  • H799
  • H799