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MAXGRIND™ Pill Crusher and Grinder - Item 363B & 363R

The MAXGRIND™ Pill Crusher is eloquently designed with a dynamic crushing and grinding action to easily deliver finely crushed medication from the top down. MAXGRIND™ is a revolutionary, high-quality twist pill crusher and grinder featuring an ergonomic, easy-to-grip and twist design. There is no need to unscrew the top to check progress or retrieve medications! Retrieving crushed medication is simplified by the top down process where crushed medication is sifted and funneled through patterned slots into the clear, easy-view bottom serving cup.

  • Comfortable anti-slip rubber grip.
  • Easy dual action crushing and grinding.
  • Exclusive top down crushing into serving cup.
  • Free spin, pepper grinder action, delivers fine powder.
  • Safe! BPA, latex-free and FDA compliant materials.
  • Built-in storage with hinged lid.

THE FIRST OF ITS KIND hand-held twist pill crusher that allows medication to be delivered in two ways:
1. Into the snap-on bottom serving med cup.
2. Directly into a 1 oz disposable med cup.

FREE SPIN – Unlike traditional twist crushers which stop crushing when the top is screwed tight against the bottom, MAXGRIND features a unique screw
design which continues to grind medication when tightened. Once the top is screwed down to initially break and crush pills, a simple reverse twist then slight
pressure on the top allows the grinding surface to freely spin similar to a pepper grinder, continuing to grind medications without any resistance and with total ease.

Ridges on the grinding surface provide fast, dual action crushing and grinding with minimal residue left behind. Uniquely shaped and spaced ridges on the top crushing surface both crush and grind medications into a fine powder that is sifted/funneled into the bottom serving cup. These ridges are designed so that powder is pushed out and funneled through the crusher well slots into the bottom serving cup, leaving less residue behind which ensures a more complete dose.

Internal Cleaning Feature – If you continue to free spin in the upright position after crushing is complete, air circulates within the crusher blowing remaining
powder into the bottom cup, resulting in minimal medication remains on the grinding surface and in the crushing well.

Clear, snap on serving cup allows easy viewing and collection of crushed medication. Cup can be used as a serving cup to mix in and consume from
directly or the crushed medication can be easily emptied over into food or drink or another container. Easy to mix and use with a normal spoon.

Top Pill Storage Compartment with Hinged Lid – Great for storing pills when traveling.

Comfortable and easy to grip anti-slip symmetrical design – Ergonomic design and easy to grip rubberized material provide comfort when crushing
and aid in the twisting effort.

Easy View Snap-On Bottom Serving Cup – Can be used as a mini bowl.

  • Multiple Pills Can Be Crushed At One Time: MAXGRIND’s smart crushing surface and design allows crushing and grinding of multiple pills at once
    with minimal effort.
  • Easy Maintenance: After the internal cleaning feature helps release maximum powder into the medication cup, MAXGRIND can be rinsed with water for easy
    cleaning and preparation for next use.
  • Dimensions: 3-3/8”L x 2-3/16”W

MAXGRIND™ is a trademark of Maxpert Medical, LLC.

*Patent Pending




Base Price for One: $16.99

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  • 363B 363R
  • 363B 363R
MAXGRIND™ is a revolutionary, high-quality twist pill crusher and grinder featuring an ergonomic, easy-to-grip and twist design.