MedCenter Monthly Pill Organizer-Item 220

MedCenter Monthly Pill Organizer

  • A flexible well-organized system for taking medication
  • 31 daily 4-compartment organizers in a convenient layout

How it works: 

Fill the daily pill boxes with your medications and place them back in the organizer with the green ends pointing up.  (Each daily pill box has the day of the month on one end in green and on the other end in red.)

Remove the pill box for the current day and place it on the front tray next to the clock.

After the last dosage is taken for the day, the empty pill box is placed back in the organizer with the red end pointing up.  (In the picture the boxes with the red ends up are empty.)

Simply remove the next green box for the next day's medication.

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This item is also available with an alarm clock:  

Click here to see Item 218 - MedCenter System


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Additional Information

Product Data

  • 220Q
  • MedCenter organizer only

Ideal pill organizer for those taking medication up to 4 times per day.


MedCenter Pill Organizer