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Medical Alert Car Emblem Kit

Medical Alert Magnetic Car Emblem Kit with 2 Medical Alert Cards

Do you or your loved one have medical conditions that emergency personnel need to know. Are you concerned when they are driving? Our Medical Alert Card Emblem Kit was designed to help ease your worries.

When emergency personnel first arrive on the scene of an accident they need to assess the situation quickly. The 6" Medical Alert Magnet attached to the back or side of the vehicle will let them know that in addition to potential injuries there may be medical conditions that need to be addressed or be known when treating victims. The magnet alerts them there is a medical condition and tells them to look for a wallet card with specific medical information, this information could be critical to treatment.

  • 6 inches in diameter
  • 2 sturdy medical alert cards to fill in all needed medical information along with personal and emergency contacts
  • White background with universal medical alert symbol in red
  • Text in black reads at top "MEDICAL ALERT" and at bottom "SEE WALLET CARD"


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Alert Emergency Personel of Medical Conditions