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Monthly Pill Planner - Item 310, 310B & 310Yellow


Monthly Pill Planner

One of our most popular pill organizers. An entire month's medication in one pill organizer! Available in Clear or Blue.

  • 31 numbered compartments corresponding to the days of the month. 
  • Removable lid section for easy loading
  • LID REMOVAL INSTRUCTIONS: The entire set of numbered lids easily removes. The lids are connected so all lids remove from the bottom tray in one piece. Just open 5 lids on one end then gently grab them all at once and lift - the entire lid section will remove easily. With the lid section removed it is easy to load your month's medications. To replace the lid section line up the middle track then gently press down from the center working towards the edges.

  • An extra compartment for storage. 
  • Large print.
  • For multiple doses per day, get more than one unit and label with your own marker or label. 
  • Size: Entire unit: 11" long x 3.38" wide x 1.09" deep.
    Inside Individual compartments approximately: 1.31" long x  0.62" wide x .96" deep.


  • Strong stainless steel blade so it easily and cleanly cuts medication doses in half.
  • Great for those who have difficulty swallowing larger pills.
  • Pill slicer collects split medications in a built-in tray.
  • Accommodates large medications and supplement pills up to 1 inch wide.
  • Built in pill tray can be used as a pill case.


Quantity discount available, see pricing below.

Base Price for One: $12.99
  • (Amount added per item to base price$2.99)


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  • 310 310B 310Yellow
  • 67772 310B

Organize pills for a full month in one pill organizer.