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Multi Pill Cutter Pro

Multi Pill Cutter Pro by Pill Thing®

EASY & ACCURATE MULTIPLE PILL SPLITTING - Cut multiple pills easily, cleanly and precisely at one time with the Patented Design Multi Pill Cutter Pro. The hinged pill cutting design easily delivers a consistent pressure and the exclusive adjustable pill channel holds pills tightly to deliver an accurate pill cut. Some pills do not hold up well when split so please cut a single dose first before cutting multiple pills.

  • SAVE MONEY - Check with your doctor to see if any of your prescriptions would work with the Half Tablet program. Get a new prescription for 1/2 of a tablet that is twice the strength of your current dosage. Depending on your prescriptions you could cut your prescription costs in half! NOTE: Some pill should never be split so please speak with your doctor before splitting any medications.
  • HANDLES MOST PILL SIZES AND SHAPES - Designed by a disabled senior who takes 9 or more medications throughout the day while also giving several medications to her pets. She had several pills needing to be split and the pill cutter she had could not accommodate the various sizes and shapes plus she was having to split one at a time. She designed and developed the Multi Pill Cutter Pro with and adjustable bar so it would work with any shape - square, oval, oblong, round and most sizes from tiny to a large 3/4” size pill and the sharp blade gives a nice clean cut.
  • STRONG, DURABLE and SAFE - The pill splitter is made from a durable, high strength, food safe, ABS molded plastic. The sharp and strong cutting blade is made from German Surgical Stainless Steel. And for your safety the blade is recessed into the lid and the lid has a snap lock closure to prevent accidental opening.

DIRECTIONS: Place Multi Pill Splitter Pro on a firm surface then place your pills in the middle of the pill cutter and tighten the adjustable bars by turning the lever to the left until they grip your medications. Next lower the lid and press down firmly and quickly to split your medications in half.  PLEASE NOTE: We advise you to speak with your pharmacist or doctor to confirm that it is okay to split your medications as some should never be split. You should also not split more than a few days worth at a time to help keep the drugs from deteriorating due to exposure to heat, moisture, or air. And Even If you Speak to Your Pharmacist or Doctor You Should Always Split Just a Single Dose the First Time to Ensure That It Will Split Correctly Before Splitting Multiple Doses.

UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE  Pill Thing Inc, offers an Unconditional Product Warranty. If you have any problems with our Patented Design, Multi Pill Cutter Pro or if it does not cut your pills to your satisfaction, contact us for a product exchange or a full refund.

Patented Design US Patent No.9,314,404 B2

Base Price for One: $28.95

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