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Olympic Removable Extra Large Weekly Pill Organizer with Case with Bonus Pill Cutter and Medication Log - Item 358XL-359


This 4 Time a Day, Weekly Pill Organizer is LARGE!

Each individual compartment can hold approx:

  • 50-60 standard aspirin (.44") OR
  • 14-20 multivitamins (.75”) OR
  • 60-65 small ibuprofen caplets (.57”) OR
  • 10-12 fish oil caplets (.75”)

Amount of pills will vary depending on size and shape

Daily Pill Box 5.25” L x 1.45” W x 1.25” tall; Each of the 4 Individual Compartments 1.3” L x 1.45” W x 1.25” T

INDIVIDUAL DAILY PILL BOXES Each day’s medications are in their own individual pill box divided into 4 individual compartments. Each lid only opens to reveal the 1 compartment so no issues with accidentally mixing your medications. You have the option to take just one (or more) day’s medications with you.

SECURE CLOSURES Pills will be secure! Each individual compartment’s lid has a secure and tight fit, no worrying if you take a day’s medication box with you, the lid will NOT accidentally pop open. Each daily pill box stores neatly in the pill organizer tray. The pill tray stores easily and securely in a clear pocket. And the case has a secure snap closure. Your weeks worth of medications are secure and ready to go!

BONUS PILL CUTTER & MEDICATION LOG If you need an extra large pill case there’s a good chance a few pills you take might be on the large size. To help we include our DELUXE PILL CUTTER to make them a little easier to swallow. The pill splitter has a STRONG STAINLESS STEEL BLADE that easily and cleanly cuts your pills in half. The MEDICATION LOG stores in the case so you can keep a record of the medications you are taking


Pill Cutter

  • Strong stainless steel blade so it easily and cleanly cuts medication doses in half.
  • Great for those who have difficulty swallowing larger pills.
  • Pill slicer collects split medications in a built-in tray.
  • Accommodates large medications and supplement pills up to 1 inch wide.
  • Built in pill tray can be used as a pill case.



Base Price for One: $26.99

Additional Information

Product Data

  • 358XL - 359
  • 358XL - 359

Weekly 4 times per day pill organizer with case.
Extra Large Size - each compartment holds approx 50-60 regular asprin!!