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Purse Organizer with 4 Pill Vials

Purse Organizer with 4 Amber Pill Vials

Organize your purse and know where your pills are too!

Our Purse Organizer has pockets for everything you normally throw in the bottom of your purse including your medications! Never hunt for your meds again. The 4 pill vials fit great in the 2 pockets inside the purse organizer! The pill vials are 2.5" tall and 1" in diameter and have child resistant (push and turn) lids.

The purse organizer has eight unique sized pockets to hold all your stuff and a key holder so your keys are always at hand. The perfect way to keep your purse organized and make your life easier. When you want to change purses or bags, just lift the it out and insert it in the new purse you are going to carry. The beauty of the our Purse Organizer is that you can grab it's handles, pull it out of your purse and use it as a small clutch for quick shopping trips. A perfect size 9.5" x 6" x 3.25" wide. Designed by Three Particular Women who made sure the purse organizer met all of their needs.

Available in Black, Blue, Red, and Cream.

NOTE: Click on image to view larger and more angles of the Purse Organizer.

Base Price for One: $14.99

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  • 560-blk, 561-cream, 562-r
  • 560-blk, 561-cream, 562-r

Organize your purse and know where your pills are too!