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Rechargeable Behind the Ear Hearing Amplifier

No more buying replacement batteries for your hearing amplifier - lasts up to 45 hours after one recharging. Keep your recharger next to your bed and you can charge it every night while you are sleeping. Manufactured by one of the leaders in hearing technology, this hearing amplifier has an adjustable volume control so you can set it to the level you want and hear what everyone is talking about! Small and discreet - it is not easily noticed and it will adjust to wear behind either ear so no matter which ear you have trouble hearing with this amplifier will help you hear better. It comes with different sizes of ear tips so you can pick the one that fits your ear.

No More Batteries!!

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NOW ONLY $14.99

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  • HA333
  • HA333


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Rechargeable Behind the Ear Hearing Amplifier HA333:

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