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SmartPack Monthly Pill Organizer - Item 201

 MedCenter SmartPack Mini Monthly Pill Organizer Set
Compact 31-Day Travel Pill Organizer Set - works with smart phone alarms or stand alone

Created to take advantage of your smart phone's alarm capabilities. The compact, ergonomic Smart Cassettes fit in your pocket with ease or attach directly to your phone using the included Security-Slide. The SmartPack is the perfect system for those on the go, putting your daily meds where you need them most.

Each SmartPack comes with a Security-Slide to make sure your pills stay safe in your pocket or purse. The Security- Slide can also be attached to your smart phone case (with included adhesion strip) to make leaving your pills behind, a thing of the past.

The SmartPackTM comes in a Weekly version which includes seven Smart Cassettes divided into four daily pill compartments and an eighth blank bonus cassette.

• SLIM POCKET-SIZED CASSETTES ideal for travel and placement in pocket, purse or briefcase
• FAMILIAR ROUNDED SHAPE coincides with your cell phone
• STACKABLE COLOR-CODED SYSTEM with molded feet on each cassette lock into the lids of the cassette below
• COMPACT MONTHLY ORGANIZER with small footprint, easily fits in lockable drawer or countertop
• EIGHT PILL CASSETTES each separated into four days worth of pills
• DOUBLE-SECURE SMART CASSETTES featues snap-lock lids with dual seats for added security
• Included SECURITY-SLIDE slips over cassette to ensure pills stay safe while in a pocket or purse
• Security-Slide CAN ADHERE TO PHONE CASE for added convenience with included adhesion strip
• USE YOUR SMART PHONE'S BUILT-IN VIBRATING ALARMS to provide an integrated reminder

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  • 201

SmartPack Monthly Pill Organizer - Compact 31-Day Travel Pill Organizer Set.

Created to take advantage of your smart phone's alarm capabilities.