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Traveling Medicine Tray - Large with Rainbow Pill Boxes - Item H244

Traveling Medicine Tray Weekly 4X a Day Pill Organizer in a Secure Travel Case

  • GREAT FOR TRAVELING The Traveling Medicine Tray securely holds your medications and features a swing-open, snap-tight, hinged lid with seven, easy-to-remove, 4-compartment pill boxes.
  • PILL BOXES ARE CLEARLY LABELED The individual daily pill boxes are printed with days of the week plus morn, noon, eve and bed.
  • KEEP A WEEK'S WORTH OF MEDICATIONS ORGANIZED AND READY TO GO The pill organizer provides a full-week's supply of medications.
  • QUICKLY SEE IF YOU HAVE TAKEN YOUR MEDICATIONS The individual daily pill boxes are translucent so you can quickly see if you have taken your pills. The case that the pill boxes are held in is not translucent so others will not easily know what is inside.
  • SCOOP BOTTOM PILL BOXES FOR EASY PILL REMOVAL Each of the individual pill compartments have a rounded bottom so it is easier to remove your pills.
  • SIZE: Case - 4⅜" W x 1" H x 7⅛" L, Pill Box - ⅞" W x ⅝" H x 4" L, Pill compartment is ¾" x ⅞" x ⅝"



Base Price for One: $16.99

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  • H244
  • H244

Traveling Medicine Tray
Large Weekly 4X a Day Pill Organizer in a Secure Travel Case