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VibraLITE Mini - Item VM-VOR

Vibration Alarm Watch

VibraLITE “Mini”
The smallest, high quality, user friendly Vibration Alarm Watch available.

  • Black & Orange Hook & Loop Band
  • Fits Approx. Wrist Sizes: 5 1/2“ – 7 1/5 “ (14cm - 18cm) 



Vibration, Audible or Both

  • Set easily in Option Mode.
  • Text on display prompts you.
  • Button Alert feature will confirm your setting quickly. 


12 Daily Alarm Settings - Preset for variable reminders.  

Examples:  Medical Conditions:  Incontinence ADD/ADHD Diabetes  Back Pain 
Memory Impairment Medication Compliance
Daily Living Skills:
Time Management Appointments Behavior Modification

  • Wake Up Alarm at home or away. 
  • 20 second duration alarm with auto off or can be turned off by pushing any button. 

Countdown Timer with Auto Repeat - Counts down in hours, minutes and seconds – up to 23 hours and 59 minutes, 59 seconds For ongoing preset interval timing, automatically repeats each time countdown reaches zero when set for repeat.


Examples:  • Timed interval voiding (every 2 hours) Keeping on track (every 15 minutes)
Position changes (every 20 minutes) Performing a task (every hour) Keeping on Schedule (every 50 minutes) Timing for Soccer Referees, cooking, parking meters, naps, writing tests

  • 20 second alarm duration with auto off (or alarm can be turned off by pushing any button)
  • Quick reset feature returns countdown to original preset time if interruption needed. 

Prevents children or elderly from tampering with the preset alarms and countdown time. 


  • TEXT PROMPTS on the display make setting and confirmation of settings easy.
  • EASY TO READ DIGITS on display. 

Back Light
Stays on while any button is being pushed making it easier to set in the dark 

  • Battery: CR1632 
  • Water Resistant: 50M 
  • Weight: .9 oz  
Base Price for One: $49.95

Additional Information

Product Data

  • VM-VOR

The smallest, high quality, user friendly Vibration Alarm Watch available.